Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Sonos Speakers Issues

Sonos smart speakers are one of the best smart speakers. But still, they are not any issues. So to help you out we have come with the troubleshooting of wi-fi issues of Sonos Speakers and in case of any query, you can take Sonos Speakers technical support.

Sonos Speakers


One of the most common wi-fi issues with Sonos speakers is non-connectivity of wi-fi. If you are using a controller app and unable to play music, then this is because both the devices i.e Sonos speaker & controller device are on different wi-fi.. Get both of them into the same wi-fi.


The next issue is full connectivity but poor signals. The best solution Is to move your Sonos speaker near to your router or modem. If the issue is still there then switch off other unused devices that are connected to the same wi-fi to with Sonos speaker is connected. This will also improve the signal strength. if still, the issue is there, then it would be better to check your internet connection and get a high-speed connection.

Fix 3

Are you interested to take your Sonos speakers to the farthest reaches of your home? But unable to do that. Don’t worry we have a solution for this which is Sonos Boost. U will have to connect Sonos Boost to your router and that’s it. Sonos


Another issue related to wi-fi is non-connectivity. The best solution for this issue will be connect your Sonos Speaker directly to your router rather connecting it through wi-fi. Connecting directly to the router will also solve most of your wi-fi problems.


When you connect your Sonos Speaker to your wi-fi, then it will automatically receive an IP address from your router But some routers have the advanced settings of MMC filtering that stops the router from sending the IP address to the Sonos speaker. You can only do this by manually approving it. For this, you will have to add the MAC address of your Sonos speaker to the list of the settings of your router. But still, there is a problem with it that the process of adding MAC address to the settings of the router could be different for every speaker. For this, you will have to go through the manufacturing details of the router. You can also take the the assistance of Sonos Speaker tech support.

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