Sonos Issues: Audio and Video Are Out of Sync

In this developing era, High Definition video quality TV is quite demanding, for which audio should be synchronized accurately. Sometimes, many users face the same issue that audio does not sync with video means audio is different to the video displayed. This problem is very common and can make your home theater experience ruined, but it has a solution to solve this issue. The feature of delaying audios is found in your Sonos App. If you have more queries, just contact Sonos speaker support team, which will support you the best.

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Below are some issues and troubleshooting process of how you solve them:

  • When the audio is antecedent to the video:

If you are facing issues that you get the voice before the video means audio is preceding the video then,

  • Open the Sonos App.
  • Go to the Settings of the App.
  • Select “Audio Delay” option in order to delay the audio.
  • Adjust the slider to increase the sound delay if by chance the audio is ahead of the video.

There are different procedures for different devices such as:

For IOS or Android users

  • Open the Sonos app.
  • Tap more option and select Room Settings
  • Choose the PLAYBAR or PLAY BASE room and which speaker you are connected.
  • Tap the option Advanced Audio.
  • If you feel some trouble, then talk to Sonos Technical Support team.

Sonos New Desktop Controller For Mac
For Mac or PC users

  • Select Sonos and tap option “Preferences” and then select “Room Settings”
    Select “Room Settings”
  • Choose the room between PLAYBAR and PLAY BASE which speaker you are using.
  • Select “TV Dialog” option to make the required changes.


  • When Audio is beyond the video:

At the situation, when audio is preceding the video, means audio is received after the video then, try to restart your device which you are operating such as cable box, video game, DVD player, Blu-ray.

If your problem continues, then contact our professional experts Sonos speakers Technical Support who are highly skilled in serving the appropriate solutions to the customers. Just dial our toll-free number @ 1877-979-8466

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