How to Choose between Sonos 1 & Sonos Play 1?

If you have to choose between two Sonos speakers, then it would be a difficult job since both have their own qualities and benefits. Though both speakers are very similar to each other, one comes with the integrated support of Amazon Alexa. For more information, you can take Sonos speakers tech support. Don’t worry we will let you know more about these speakers that will make your job easy.

Sonos Speakers


Sonos Play 1 comes with an intended top, round edges, a metal grille, and a tapered bottom. The measurement of this speaker is 161.45*119.7*119.7mmm, weight is 1.85ks, and it comes in white color along with a light meta grille or black with a graphite grille. On its top, there is 1 play/pause button, a status LED light, and a volume rocker. On the other hand, the Sonos 1 comes with flat top and a capacitive control pad. Rest other is same in Sonos 1 as of Sonos Play1. Both speakers come with an Ethernet port & a power input at the bottom. Sonos 1 comes with a matte finish with 2 color options.


Both offer true play capability. Pairing is possible on both the devices. Sonos 1 offers integrated voice assistant and it uses Amazon Alexa as its assistant. Sonos Play1 doesn’t have inbuilt feature but you can use this if you have Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. For more information Sonos technical support number can be contacted.


Both come with two class D digital amplifiers, 1 mid-woofer for mid frequencies & bass, and 1 tweeter for high-frequency response. Both need wi-fi connection and the Sonos app for playing.


The price of Sonos 1 is $149 and Sonos Play 1is $199.

Sonos Speakers


Though both the speakers are same Sonos 1 offerings are better as compared to the other and that too at the slight difference of $50. This is better for those also who want to start their Sonos collection. Those who don’t want any voice assistant, for them Sonos Play 1 is better. For more details, the assistance of Sonos Speakers Setup Support can be taken.

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